Polish Construction Research and Forecasting Institute

PAB-PCR&F Institute offers:

- performing the entire research cycle (from the project to the final report) in the range of quantitative research, qualitative research and desk research;

- carrying out ad hoc, single or permanent research in the form of periodic monitoring of analysed phenomena and social groups (on the base of representative and purposeful samples);

- research performing over the country entire territory or of the selected regions;

- preparation of the reports and in-depth analyses based on research containing, apart from a descriptive-interpretative part, an annex with data in table form and with results cartographic illustration;

- the branch analyses diagnosing the current conditions within the branch in question and containing reliable prognosis for the sector and/or product development.

86th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference

Construction market forecasts until 2021
Special theme:
Challenges to build metropolises of tomorrow: the learnings from Greater Paris

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86th Event Info Package (PDF, 3.50 MB)